The Perfect Man? No, the Perfect Me


If only I could find the….

How many times did THAT though float through my mind? Irrational as it sounds, as I grew up, many girls in my age group assumed that the perfect companion would drop at their feet, and PRESTO! everything would fall into place. So, you meet dozens of wonderful people, then judge them against the Prince Charming myth. What a recipe for disaster.

Fast forward 25 years, and my younger friends say: “I just don’t believe in marriage” Wow. Ok, now that I’m at the end of my 21 year marriage, I can understand that. I think about the hardships and the struggles and the chores and the problems, and I wonder whether it was worthwhile.

On the other hand, the laughter, companionship, the adventure and the achievements are parts of my life that I would never trade. If I could bottle and sell the joy I felt playing with my 4 babies, I’d be the wealthiest woman on Earth.

The truth is, it’s time for me to grow. I have to develop the gifts I was given without fear of being judged, ridiculed or undermined. It’s also time for me to take the love I devoted to others and focus it toward myself in a way that allows me to be a better person. Confident, strong, unapologetic, kind and loving…

it’s just time..