Really Rush?

Rush, we know you’re appealing to the right wing fringe, and that you long ago opted out of the ranks of the objective and the credible, but your hysterical, desperate rant laying the mortagage and financial crisis at the feet of Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and ACORN is incendiary and irresponsible.

You seem to believe that the Black community focuses on hating this country. The Black community is diverse, and contains as many apologists, sellouts and appeasers as it has revolutionary militants. Barack Obama is no revolutionary militant. Having taught Constitutional Law at one of the nation’s most conservative universities, the University of Chicago, Barack Obama has trained legions of lawyers to uphold the law, not overthrow it. Additionally, Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, made from the sanctity of the pulpit, have been twisted to smear and distort. Why? The truth of America’s history and the reactions of people and nations around it are self-evident. The emotional outcroppings left from the enslavement of Africans are part of our heritage, and you will never know the burden of teaching a child to proceed through life with dignity in spite of that horrific legacy.

The Black community, and our children are a vibrant and unique part of the American collective. Our future is inextricably intertwined with America’s destiny. Perhaps your rhetoric is aimed at a final solution, Rush. Perhaps, like Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s, you would have America believe that the current financial crisis is the result of a vast Black conspiracy to reap what we have not worked for and take from “good, hard-working” Americans (thanks Hillary).

…And to think, all these years that Black mothers have been cooking, cleaning, helping children with homework, earning money, supporting their husbands, getting their own educations and careers off the ground…that we have all been party to the secret underground Black Hate Network. All of the social, scientific, military, intellectual and cultural contributions made to America by African-Americans were really just a cover. Our real purpose has been to promote, with Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, and cadres of Black Liberation theologists, an anti-american, anti-capitalist movement. Really? Wow!

In spite of the hurtful legacy of slavery, people of African descent have stood firm and resolute on this continent. We have fought with valor, we live and raise families, and we educate and love our children, just like you. Consistent attacks on Black people based on their race are demeaning to all Americans, and they threaten to unravel any gains we make on the international stage. Does your hate run so deep that you seek to undermine the stature of the entire country rather than see an African American President? What makes you hate that deeply Rush?

The dysfunctional aspects of the Black community, like those of any other group, are reflective of social ills that affect everyone. It is true that the social engineering efforts of the 1960’s had a disastrous effect on the Black family. Poverty has a disastrous effect on the Black family. The lynchings of the period between 1870-1920 had a disastrous effect on the Black family; job displacement and illegal immigration have had a disastrous effect on the Black family. The point is, in spite of our history, no one has trained Black children to: “Hate, Hate, Hate this country”. Black kids play in little league, go to Halloween parties and proms, and have the same abilities, goals and dreams that White kids have. Its only when power hungry hatemongerers lie to misinform the public that people become alarmed. Charles Manson sought to incite a race war by the Sharon Tate/ LoBianco killings. You know good and well that corporate mismanagement is at the root of the current global financial crisis. Rush, would you really have your lie be the cause of anyone’s pain? Really?